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Secret to Weight Loss Program

Success Before and After

Bernie R. -  MS

"Wow!  I lost 72 lbs.  Not only did I lose 12 Lbs. in 15 days, I continued to lose weight over the months and at the same time having more energy and with improved health. I feel great and thanks to the Secret to Weight Loss. I can't begin to thank my friend enough for introducing me to Nu Life Express."    





Josh M. - FL

"I lost 35 lbs and 4 inches off my waist in about 4 months while using the Secret to Weight Loss, along with NuVital Energy, and Curcumin to curb my inflammation from my new exercise routine. I have finally been able to enjoy walking again with reduced weight and reduced inflammation. I CAN FINALLY ENJOY LIFE AGAIN! Thanks Nu-Life Express!"  




Carroll B. - LA

What I have noticed being on UpBeet Energizer is that my energy level is elevated to help me do my job, that of a care-giver for my wife. Furthermore, with my new found energy it allows me to maintain the caring for two other family members. Also, from my football injury many years ago has caused me pain that I had to live with, but no more with the continued use of UpBeet Energize. My range of movement during my daily activities, is at a more comfortable range range without pain; this is another benefit of UpBeet Energize  Thanks NuExpress.

Joan St. P  LA 

Before my doctor visit my blood pressure was averaging around 140/88 and now after taking UpBeet Energizer for 2 weeks, my blood pressure is at a healthy level of 120/80.  Thanks for UpBeet Energizer, not only is my blood pressure in a healthy range, I feel GREAT, and have so much Energy.


"I have been drinking UpBeet Energizer daily and it gives me that needed boost in mornings to get me going. I take nutritional supplements, but the Beet Energier compliments my program and I tell everyone to get on this GREAT product." 

Nita V. LA

“Within 3 Days of taking the UpBeet Energizer, my toes at night no longer numb, I have feeling again.”

Cyd C.  FL

“The UpBeet Energizer has really helped me to have energy in the mornings and through out the day.”

Suzie B.  FL

“I am satisfied, the product has done what it is advertised to do. My blood pressure is normal, I sleep better and most importantly I have better blood circulation. Before drinking UpBeet Energizer Juice Drink, my arms and legs were numb and so I had poor circulation. The UpBeet Energizer Juice Drink has improved my quality of life!”

Ron L.  FL

"Within 1 week I felt better, and I sleep well and it has reduced my stress.”

Jerl K.  LA
"Before drinking UpBeet Energizer Juice Drink, blood pressure was at a high normal level and now my blood pressure averages 124/68. Thanks for UpBeet.”


NuProCel Anti Aging Serum


"I have been using NuProCel and after 5 days I notice the difference and I am glad that I was introduced to the fine products of Nu-Life Express."   Priscilla M. - LA








Joan St. P  LA

NuVital Curcumin is awesome for anyone with arthritis, knee pain gone and stiffness in my hands and fingers gone! Amazing products!

Joan S.  LA

“After using NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum™ for two weeks, my skin is softer and looks fresher.  Deep wrinkles are diminishing, and becoming less and less noticeable. When I apply NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum™ I can feel my skin tightening.  I can’t believe how noticeably different my skin looks!”    Joan S. - LA  

Diane P.  MS

"I have had pain in my lower back and in my knee for a number of years.  The last few years the pain in the lower back has required me to get steroid shots and take pain pills and muscle relaxers.  I applied 2 patches to my lower back and was amazed at the results.  The pain was relived, which eliminated the steroid shot.  This has greatly helped my back and knee.  I would recommend these patches to anyone who has any type of pain."   

Jerl K.  LA

“My wife was using NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum™ and getting great results. I wanted to see if it really worked, so I put NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum™ under one eye and everyone noticed a difference on that eye after just five days of use.  Now that I have been using the product for 30 days, I am seeing wonderful results and I would recommend NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum™ to everyone.”   

Fred J.  LA

"I used Smarte Patch PAIN PATCH on my shoulder and it relieved my pain for a good eight hours, no feeling drowsy and I would recommend Smarte Patch over pills that can be addictive."  

Gloria B.  -  MS

"My Testimony is:  I use the Smarte Patch PAIN PATCH on my shoulder and it works great."  

Don R.  MS

"UpBeet Energizer has improved by breathing and I would recommend this product to everyone." 

Cyd C.  FL

“My hands were blotchy and the skin was cracking around my knuckles. After applying NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum™ to my hands, I noticed an immediate difference.”    

Ron L.  FL

“I had a shaving rash and after using NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum™ for two weeks, my face is smooth and my shaving rash is no longer.”

Priscilla M. - LA

"I have been using NuProCel and after 5 days I notice the difference and I am glad that I was introduced to the fine products of Nu-Life Express."   

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