Business Buiding Manuel

the basis of our business model are retail sales

It's a Manuel on How to Improve your Retailing Sales Efforts


1. Impact - Understand the value of the material presented. It will have a dramatic and forceful effect on you successfully building a large retail client base.

2. Repetition - Repeat all scripts word for word so that they flow smoothly like water flowing from a faucet.

3. Utilize - Use all of the information in this manual for maximum results. The extent of your success will relate directly to your ability to implement every detail of this manual.

4. Internalize - Make the scripted words into the framework of your personality; i.e.. adopt the words as if they were your own.

5. Practice - Perfect practice is essential to all professionals. By making a minimum of 5 new sales calls     each day and following all details of this manual exactly as they are presented, you will gain the skills     and experience necessary to succeed.

6. Duplicate - Teach everyone in your organization. Independent Wholesaler/Business Broker will benefit by this manual. Teach and inspect to make sure everyone is following this manual each day. The more Independent Wholesaler/Business Broker committed to making 5 new sales calls each day, the greater your profits will be. As they gain experience, teach them to be independent of you by conducting their own sales calls, training and sampling events.

7. Improve - Invest one hour of each day (1/2 hour in the AM. -1/2 hour in the PM.) in attitude teaching and skills. Reread this manual at least once each month (after it has been memorized) to ensure that you are staying wit the basics of the business.  Make a list of contact and send emails with your link attached to the message.  See the Business Builder Tracking Code feature in your Back Office.



Our Business Model is based on the Home-Based Retail Business Principles, which are: easy to do, start, affordable and duplicatable.

P roduct - Be creative and efficient. Know the product so you can exhibit your professionalism.
Your numbers (sales) will result from the sales calls made along with testimonials.

O pportunity - Do “Home Parties” and watch your business grow…everyone loves parties. It’s that simple and duplicatable.

W ork - Work can be fun! Build a client base with a detailed plan, with daily goals of a minimum
of 5 new and different sales calls each day. Have a disciplined schedule that is diligently
worked to equal your deserved rewards and have a lot of fun.

E nthusiasm - The key factor in your presentation is the ability to excite others to your level of
excitement!!! Enthusiasm is a sign of greatness and should be shared. Be genuinely
enthusiastic and have a keen interest for others - that will make the sale! Show your
excitement and let it work for you!

R esults - Great results come from great personal testimonials and total commitment. Care about
Others by Sharing the very best products that ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS!

One Step at a Time

The first thing we must remember is not to talk too much.  Many times an Independent Wholesaler/ Business Broker will tell a possible new retail client the whole program before inviting them to try the product.  We must take one step at a time.  Be genuinely enthusiastic about the product, but not overly active.  To help you cover each situation as it arises, we have prepared the following scripts:




1.  "Hi!  How are you?  My name is __________.  What is yours?"  At this point give a genuine compliment.


     Here are some suggestions you can give a lady:


            A.         That's a great pair of earrings.  I'd like to buy my wife a pair.  Where did you get them?"


            B.         That's a beautiful diamond you're wearing!  Your husband must be doing well to be able to afford a diamond like that.


            C.         I really like your hairstyle. (Shoes, dress, smile, etc.)


            D.         You look like a sharp person.  Could you help me out?


      Here are some suggestions you can give a man:


            A.         I like your suit.  (Sport coat, slacks, shoes, etc.)  Where did you get them?


            B.         You look like a sharp person.  Could you help me out?


            C.         What line of business are you in?


            D.         You must be the manager (foreman, owner, etc.) here, right?


These were only suggestions.  You probably can think of many others on your own.  Up to this point, the person you have been talking to will be all ears and will be eager to hear more from you.  If you stick to these scripts word for word, you should have broken the ice and now you are ready to make your presentation. 

The following script can be used to talk to people (face to face) that you do not know:  (Cold Calls)

2.  "Hi!  How are you?  My name is ________.  What is yours?  (Give a compliment). I was wondering if you could help me out?  I'm new in town, and I'm looking for ________(ask directions for somewhere in town).  Do you know where it is?  Could you help me out again?  I'm in the nutrition business.   The company is looking for someone who likes people, is intelligent, can manage other people, and who would like to earn extra income.  Who do you know who could fill these qualifications?  If you have a moment I would like to tell you about my business opportunity, Nu Life Express product line, the launch product is theNuProCel Anti-Aging Serum.

When you use this format to ask for help, you are taking yourself right out of the picture.  You should have a lot of success.  There are many ways in which to talk to people.  Be creative.  Use the "KISS" concept -Keep it simple and stupid.  These scripts are very effective.  As you notice, each one is short, sweet, and to the point.  Always ask questions instead of stating a point or answering a question.


EXAMPLE:  Instead of saying "You can earn $500 per month," rephrase the statement into the

question:  "If you could earn an extra $500 per month, you'd be interested, wouldn't you?"  Questions

create interest, curiosity and keep the prospect involved in the conversation.



1.   Later Close

If retail client says, "I can't afford this right now," say, "Okay.  I will check with you later and have a wonderful    day.  This will leave an opening for a return visit.


2.   Puppy Dog Close

Give the person something.  Have them try the product formby placing a drop of NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum on their hand. Quickly, they will notice the smoothness of their skin and the light fragrance this is delightful.   ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY DELICIOUS you will peak their interest!


3.   Alternate Close (Yes or yes answer)

What did you like best, with our without meat?  Will that be American Express or Visa?  Great!  Congratulations on a fine decision.


4.  Ben Franklin Close

I'm sure you've heard on Ben Franklin.  Everyone knows of him and his competent decision making ability.  When he was faced with anything that needed a quick and competent decision, he would take out a clear sheet of paper and do this:


                                    REASONS FOR:                                              REASONS AGAINST:

                                    HEALTH                                                                       NONE


                                    IMPROVE LOOKS

                                    MORE PROFIT

                                    FINEST PRODUCT

                                    YOUR CUSTOMER'S HEALTH


*This close should be used when all others have been used and your client still has not committed.


5.  Feel, Felt and Found Close

When asked a question, reply by saying, "I know how you feel, that's how I felt.  Let me show you what I've found...(Tell them what you've found).  Then ask, "Does that answer that to your satisfaction?  Fine, simply OK your agreement right here."



1.         Refusal versus Rejection:  When someone refuses what you may be saying, they are just saying "No" to the information.
            Rejection is intended personally. So when someone says "No," remember not take it personally as a rejection, rather, it is a
            refusal on information presented so far.  So present a little more information and go for the close again.

2.         Stop talking and start closing gestures.

3.         Watch client for closing gestures. (Rubbing chin, pulling of the ear, dilated eyes).

4.         Be genuine and sincere.

5.         Help others close but don't interfere.

6.         Be firm and ask for the check.

7.         Use the K.I.S.S. concept.  Keep it simple or starve.

8.         Learn your closes.

9.         Always ask "Will that be cash, check or credit card?"  You may want to set up your own independent account to accept
            credit card purchases made to you.


Notice  Show them how they can advance in Nu Life Express Business Model. - Now in his/her own BUSINESS = VALUE!  Invite them to weekly opportunity meetings.



After the sale is made and the payment has been received, fill out the Retail Order Form and disperse the proper copies.

Before leaving your retail client, set a time no more than 3 days away to call them and to be of support them in doing “Home Parties”. Fill this date in on your Monthly Time Organizer.


Completely fill out a client file for each retail client.  Place all files in your computer or in your monthly time organizer, in a 3-hole binder, in alphabetical order and make all phone calls as shown on the form.  Follow all visit dates on the client file to achieve your maximum results.


As an extra support and service for your retail clients, you may want to make an appointment for sampling clients customers.  This both creates a lot of excitement and ensures future retail sales.  Remember, a drop of NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum on the client's hand is a key tool in your presentation.

The truth of the matter is "the Power is in your hands" - Nu Life Express Innovative Products.








1.   A lot of results plus a lot of excitement equals a lot of sales.

2.   Belief, Faith and Conviction - This is how you say Hello!

3.   Insanity is expecting the same behavior from the same experience.

4.   Ordinary talents and extraordinary attitude and anything is possible.

5.   Spend your “TNT” time like this:

6.   Law of Increasing Return states:  The more Service you provide expecting nothing in return above and beyond what is expected and the longer it takes, the greater the reward will be. 


WHO DO YOU KNOW?  (Fill in the Blanks)

1.  Who do I know from my old job?


a.  Former employees and employers

b.  Fellow workers

c.  Customers/clients

d.  Former competitors



2.  Who do I know from a certain school I attend?


a.  Sorority friends

b.  Schoolmates

c.  Organization associates

d.  Teachers

e.  Parents of classmates



3.  Who do I know from my favorite hobby?


a.  Club members

b.  Card groups

c.  Bowling

d.  Golf

e.  Tennis


4.  Who do I know through my church?


a.  Pastor

b.  Church leaders

d.  Ushers

e.  Janitors

f.  Choir members


5.  Who do I know through my spouse's activities?


a.  Alumni associates

b.  Election board

c.  Fraternity/Sorority

d.  Country Club

e.  Business


6.  Who do I know through my use of personal services?

a.  Hairdresser

b.  Nurse/Receptionist

c.  Clothiers


7.  Who do I know through public service/charity?


a.  Community fund

b.  Rescue missions

c.  Salvation Army

d.  Welfare society



 8.  Who do I know because I own my own home?


a.  Agent from whom I purchased

b.  Builder

c.  Painter

d. Yardmen

e. Mailman

f.  Milkman



 9.  Who do I know from my present/former neighborhood?


a.  Neighbors

b.  Best Friends



10.  Who do I know because I rent an apartment?


a.  Resident manager

b.  Neighbors ­­­­­­­­­

c.  Social workers

d.  Day care workers

e.  Maintenance men/families

f.   Rental agents



11.  Who do I know because I have children?


a.  Teachers

b.  Parents of playmates

c.  School principals

d.  PTA

e.  Boy/Girl scouts





Dear Friend:

Enclosed is information I feel you will find very interesting.

I have been watching nutrition in this country for several years.  I have felt that one day, with the right product, and company behind it, an opportunity would present itself!  That time has come!!!  Nu Life Express Innovative Products have peaked my interest, as I am sure your interest as well. The launch product is NuProCel.

The product is impressive and outstanding results.  I have also been in contact with friends and business associate who are now marketing the product with a great degree of success.  This company and product meets all the criteria I feel is necessary in order to be a viable and lasting opportunity vehicle.  Oh, by the way, it was very easy to demonstrate, just put a small drop on the hand of the customer and the products sells itself.  Many are doing “Home Parties” which is a great way to build your business.

Therefore, I have implemented this line and really started to work the business in (your date) and the reception by the public to NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum is incredible!  Friend --- the timing is right!  The public is aware of the tremendous need for cosmetic beauty and healthy skin.nutritional problem.  And this product is right for the times.  It is an affordable opportunity to get into the beauty and nutritional health business.  The opportunity for financial gain is incredible, as can be attested by my first two weeks in the business. 

My reason for contacting you is obvious.  We need good people like you in your area!  After reviewing the enclosed, if you have a sincere interest to become involved, email or call me immediately at the numbers listed below.

Sincerely yours,




1)         Use the Product - This develops confidence in the product and marketability.


              2)         Sales Calls - Make an average of five (5) retail sales calls per day, five days per week.
                          (Remember: "Nothing happens until something is sold."  The success of your business
                          depends upon a good foundation of retail sales.


3)          Do the 3 Easy & Simple Steps Daily:


                          1.   Proven Formula for Success - Beliefs transferred into Works with a Plan & Goals Equals Rewards.


                           2.  Beauty and Health & Retail Business Growth with NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum.


                           3.  Beliefs in:  Company, Product & the Business Opportunity


Disclaimer:  Income and success are dependent on the efforts of each individual. The average income from a Retail Business Builder marketing plan is less than $200 annually. No implied or guarantee of income from this business model.

Nu-Life Express© CAUTION: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For all health concerns, be sure to contact your health care practitioner. These testimonials do not imply that similar results may happen with your use of our product. Not recommended for the use of individuals under the age of 18. Keep out of the reach of children. Pregnant or nursing mothers should always consult with their health care practitioner before using any nutritional products. Caffeine provides a stimulant to boost energy and a feeling of awareness. Persons sensitive to caffeine should limit caffeine products. Success and income are dependent on the efforts of each individual. The average income from a Business Builder marketing plan is less than $200 annually. No implied or guarantee of income from this Retail Business Model.