https://www.nuexpress.com/image/data/pattykane/pattykane.pngAre You Eating to Many High Carb Snacks?

Today's lifestyle is fast paced with many people eating fast foods on the run. These foods are high in carbohydrates and too many processed foods are lacking nutritional value, ultimately having adverse effects on your health.

Therefore, be mindful of your sugar intake.. You need to eat less carbohydrates, more protein and fat to improve your metabolic functions. In China, herbalist refer to sugar as the "white posion".

As an alternative to high carb snacks, such as chips, consider Pappy' Famous Pork Cracklin! NO CARBS! NO GLUTEN!



Pappy’s Pork Craklins are a LOW Carb Friendly Food!  Cracklins are Recommended by Atkins & Paleo Diets

The philosophy of the Atkins Diet is based on the premise  that the body being deprived of carbohydrates will burn fat as a energy source, instead of carbohydrates as the fuel source for energy.  









Weight Loss in a Good Way

  1. Hunger is the single worst side effect of dieting. It is one of the main reasons why many people feel miserable and eventually give up on their diets.
  2. The solution to this problem is to eat Pappy’s Famous Pork Cracklins, a fun way to replace high carb snacks, such as chips, and at the same time to have a sense of fullness to offset the “hunger” feeling while dieting.  It can be eaten often on a low carbohydrate diet, while achieving the full metabolic benefits.
  3. Not only does low-carb cause more weight loss, it also leads to major improvements in most risk factors... including cholesterol.

Evidence based, when carbohydrates are kept low, appetite tends to go down. This causes people dieting to automatically restrict calories, without having to consciously regulate their food intake.
The studies consistently show that when people cut carbs and eat more protein and fat, they end up eating much fewer calories.

More Evidence

Studies show that people on low-carb diets lose more weight, faster, than people on low-fat diets... even when the low-fat dieters are actively restricting calories. One of the reasons for this is that low-carb diets tend to get rid of excess water from the body. Because they lower insulin levels, the kidneys start shedding excess sodium, leading to quick weight loss.

It is much more appropriate to think of low-carb as a lifestyle, NOT a diet. When you cover the “t” on the word “diet”, it spells “die” which is painful.

The only way to succeed in the long-term is to stick to It …. Reduce CARBS!  EAT PAPPY’S FAMOUS PORK CRACKLINS!!!
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