Fast Start Bonus and Advance to Broker


How to Earn $500 in a Month


Follow these steps to Advance to Business Broker and Earn $500 a Month: 

1.  Register as a Wholesaler

2.  Buy a Fast Start Retail Pack @ 20% discount.  Your Cost as a Wholesaler is $400  ($500 less 20% = $400)

3.   Within a calendar month, Enroll 4 Wholesalers in your Sales Team that purchase a $500 (FSRP).

4.   Fast Start Bonus – In a calendar month, the first 2 Wholesalers that purchase a FSRP, you earn an additional $100 FSB.

5.   $500 Total Earnings in a calendar month:  $400 COMMISSION + $100 FSB = $500.


Selections: 6 Fast Start Retail Packs (FSRP) 

Big Savings

Retail Cost $500 … Your Initial Cost as a Wholesaler $400 (20% discount) ..... as a Business Broker $300 (40% discount)


 7 - The Secret to Weight Loss – Includes:  2 Secrets to Weight Loss Packs, 2 Bags of UpBeet Energizer, 1 NuProCel, 
       1 NuVital Curcumin & NuVjtal Energy, 1 Bottle Super MSM Gel.

  7 - Bags UpBeet Energizer – Kick Start Your Mornings and Supports Healthy Blood Pressure

  7 - Bottles NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum – Look 10 Years Younger?

  3 - Cardio Tri-Packs – UpBeet Energizer & NuVital Curcumin and Energy, Supports Cardiovascular Health

  5 - Combo Packs – NuVital Curcumin & Energy. Powerful Antioxidant and Supports the Immune System

  1 - Variety Pack –  2 UpBeet Energizer,  NuProCel,  Combo Pack, Weight Loss System, Pain Relief System.

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