Double Bonus Program





How the $25 Gift Card Double Bonus Program Works?

Purpose: For Outstanding Retail Performance






I Have Met the Requirements as Stated Above:


How To Present This Program?
Some people do not know how to approach others, (retail customers or potential Wholesalers) about the advantages of being a Wholesaler. 
With that in mind, the marketing staff has developed an approach of questions and answer, to help guide the business builder through a presentation.
This technique can help advance their retail sales and sales team of other Wholesalers.
This technique of questions and answers, is called "Breaking the Ice" and Closing the Sale". Now, let's get started!

Question: "Breaking the Ice"
If I could show you a way to eliminate your fuel or cell phone bill, and at the same time earn extra income, perhaps serious income, would that be of interest to you? Of course it would! (Everyone has a fuel or cell phone bill, therefore this question will get a "yes" of wanting to know how)

How?  (The normal reply) 


You want more for you and your family, don't you? Of course you do!  Let's go over the program. Show them the $25 Gift Card Double BonusProgram as presented below.  After presenting the information, they can visualize and understand "How" earning $25 Gift Cards can help offset or eliminate their fuel or cell phone bill, perhaps both!

Question: "Closing the Sale"
Is it Visa or Master Card?  This question brings your customer to a commitment of "Yes", which closes the sale!

I have a Visa. That completes the sale.  That is how it is done!

Note: This technique of questions and answers are for illustration purposes only, with no implied guarantee.  You can present this program as your desire, however, this technique has been used by many with great success. Remember, the "Mother of Success" is repetition. 

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