Several different vitamin Smarte Patches can be used together to enhance power workouts, ultimate weight loss, and preventive and functional health benefits.  Smarte Patches offer a solution for people wanting complete health without swallowing pills.


Transdermal medical delivery and release systems have been on the market since 1982, after more than 20 years of extensive market research and development.  Most major pharmaceutical companies now market transdermal systems for anti-smoking, nitroglycerine and estradiol delivery, and for many more about to hit the market place.


Nu Life Express' formulated nutrients and research of initial prototypes, via the Balanced TransDermal Tests, showed effective results in delivering all-natural ingredients to the skin.   Utilizing natural ingredients, with the proven technology as mentioned above, Nu Life Express introduced the Smarte Patch in 2015.  This new patch, as a dietary supplement, is benefiting customers who are health-conscious, and who need assistance from natural products for weight control, pain relief, good health and other health concerns.

Smarte Patches are formulated, tested, and manufactured in the USA in a FDA certified laboratory to assure high quality performance and product safety.


Smarte PatchTM self-adhesive essential health patches are applied to the skin for the quick delivery of health benefits.  When applied to the skin, via a transdermal delivery system (delivery through the skin), these patches deliver the active ingredients into the bloodstream, time released, over a 24 hour period.

Smarte PatchTM Advantage dispels the need to remember when he/she took a pill, wafer, candy or potion, etc.  The patch goes to work while the person goes about his/her daily routine when traveling, working, sleeping and/or busy raising a family.  Another important advantage of the Smarte PatchTM is no digestive complications, such as acid reflux, stomach ache, or other stomach related problems associated with taking pills.

Most people want to be healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle.  The Smarte PatchTM, with its natural ingredients, supports a healthy lifestyle with No Calories, No Sugar and is Gluten Free. The adhesive patch  is hypoallergenic and is latex free.  Smarte PatchTM is economical, demonstrative and is a convenient way to support and boost your health.

Wear the patch for up to 24 hours.  Apply a new patch every day.  The patch can be used for as long as needed or until you have successfully achieved your goals.  You can then continue to use the patch as needed as a maintenance program. 
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Most people take their dietary supplements orally in the form of tablets, capsules or sublinguals.

Is there a better way to take in nutritional supplements to improve your health? YES, THERE IS. Backed by studies, Medical health professionals and researchers support the fact that Transdermal Patches are a SUPERIOR delivery method for taking dietary supplements.

Transdermal means "through the skin".  Patches are applied to the skin delivering nutritional supplementation directly into the bloodstream.  The patches are coated with a special timed-released formula containing various nutritional supplements using a proprietary process. When applied to the skin the nutrient dose is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream for immediate bioavailability to be utilized by the body.


What happens when you take supplements orally?

Oral nutritional supplementation is widely used and has its place in the nutritional field as an acceptable means for the delivery of nutrients into the body. But, when you take supplements orally they are washed for hours in hydrochloric acid, along with enzymes that breakdown, in large part, the efficacy of the formulated ingredients. Once digested, the remaining nutrients’ bioavailability decreases due to the incomplete absorption in the intestinal track.  Furthermore, the nutrients leave the digestive tract on to the liver by way of the portal vein, known as the first-pass.  Then the liver (the organ that cleans the blood from toxins, carcinogens, metabolizing functions, etc.) metabolizes the remaining nutrient material so it can be absorbed by the body. The net results from this digestive process is less organic material of the original dose (as little as 2% to 15%) being bioavailable for the body’s use. 


What happens when you use transdermal patch delivery of dietary supplements?

You apply a Smarte PatchTM on the skin (upper forearm, wrist, abdomen, shoulders and thighs are the most common places to wear patches). As soon as a patch is applied to the skin, body-heat activates the supplement formula and the nutrients begin to transit through the skin into the small blood vessels (capillaries that are plentiful under the skin). This, the TransDermal Delivery, is the direct delivery of nutrients into the bloodstream where nutrients are absorbed directly through pores in the Derma (skin).

While wearing the patch, the nutrient delivery process is delivered over a period of many hours, the process we call "Time-Released Delivery".  Our various patches all offer a “timed-released delivery” that is absolutely optimized for each unique patch. This allows for maximum absorption and health benefits. This type of Direct-To-Bloodstream delivery simply cannot be achieved with oral supplementation.



How it Works? The Smarte PatchTM consists of nano size nutritional ingredients, liquid suspended and micro dispersed, in a unique adhesive matrix.  When the patch is applied to the skin, within 30 minutes from the body's heat, the nutrients are timed released into the skin and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream over a 24 hour period.  By bypassing the digestive process, more nutrients are bioavailable for the body to utilize. See Matrix illustration above for how the patch is designed.





Pills: While most dietary supplements from pills, capsules, or powder formulas may be very good, most of the nutrients simply cannot get into your bloodstream efficiently due to the degradation of the nutrients by the digestive process, as described above. Thus, a small percentage of the original supplements are bioavailable for the body to utilize. Furthermore, some people have stomach issues from swallowing pills.

TransDermal Patch:


The Slogan  Just Patch it & Go!TM  Says it All.

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