Business Opportunity



The only decision you have to make is:

Buy as Retail Customer


Join as a Wholesaler - Retail less 20% Discount

....Then Advance to Business Broker

  Business Broker Receives 40% Discount

     See See Step 3 below for more details  


NuLife Express Opportunity Designed for Real People, No Glitz, No Flash, Just Business!


3 Simple and Easy Steps to Do!



eCommerce is your method of earning extra income in the future! As Bill Gates once stated, "The Internet is the ultimate marketplace and this thing is exploding!" Simply refer family, friends, and associates to your Store Front,.....
NuLife Express will ....SACK..... PACK ...  &.......DELIVER 
to your customers!  Instruct your customers to enter your referral ID# in the white box at the top of the Home Page....


In other words, THEY BUY.... YOU EARN INCOME ...While Working……Playing Golf…or .... Possibly While Sleeping ...

You have a choice to work, full time or part-time, depending on your personal income needs. Perhaps earning extra cash for a car payment, house note, or even enough to be financially independent. It is up to you to achieve your financial goals, and we are just here to support your efforts in reaching a better life for you and your family. See the details presented below.



To enjoy the benefits as discussed above become a Wholesaler, save 20% discount on your purchases, and you have the option to start building a Sales Team              


Join as an Independent Wholesaler and receive a 20% discount off the retail price.  

Note, there is no requirement to purchase the product. However, there is a $49.95 Processing Fee
(non-commissionable) that is required for all new Wholesaler applicants.


     Wholesaler - Earns Retail Profit - Buy Wholesale, sell retail, earn a retail profit.

      Example of Retail Profit - 7 Day Plan - Packed 4/7 Day Plans (Each Bag Contains 14 Premium Fig Rolls)
      Retail Cost -             $99
      Wholesaler cost  -  $79.20 (20% discount)
      Retail Profit -           $19.80 (20% profit)
      What if you had 10 Retail Sales?  Do the Math.




         Wholesaler - Advance to Business Broker - Do $500 in retail sales volume in a calendar month
.        On the 1st of the following month, you will advance to Business Broker.  

         Or build a sales team of other Wholesalers, and their retail sales volume counts for you to help you advance to
         Business Broker. You must do a minimum of $100 in personal sales to advance. (As a Wholesaler,
         there are no commission paid on Wholesalers' purchases within your sales team).

         Note: Upline Broker - Earns 20% Wholesale commission ($100) on Wholesaler's initial purchase of $500.

         Also, earn commissions on all future purchases, and that of his Wholesalers in his team.






                                               Broker - 4 Ways to Earn Income     


1.  RETAIL PROFITS Buy wholesale and sell retail 


      Example of Retail Profit -  7 Day Plan - Packed 4/7 Day Plans (Each Bag Contains 14 Premium Fig Rolls)

      Retail Cost -             $99
      Broker cost  -          $59.40 (40% discount)
      Retail Profit -            $39.60 profit 
(40% profit)
      What if you had 10 Retail Sales?  Do the Math.


2.   WHOLESALE COMMISSIONS - Earn 20% wholesale commissions on all Wholesalers' purchases in
       your Sales Team organization. 

      Example:  A Wholesaler retails $500 in sales volume in one calendar month, you earn 20%.
      $500 x 20% = $100.
.     What if you had 10 Wholesalers in your Sales Team doing the same.  D
o the Math?





3.  ROYALTY OVER-RIDES ON 3 LEVELS - As a Wholesaler in your 
     Sales Team (as indicated above) do $500 in retail sales volume
     in one calendar month, they will advance to Business Broker on the
     following month.
You Earn All retail volume produced by your newly advanced Brokers,
     you earn Royalty Over-Rides; you are paid 5% on 3 levels deep
     (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) as shown below:  

Example Royalty Over-Rides:  Broker's retail sales volume of $5000 on
3 Levels deep). royalty over-rides are calculated in retail sales volume: 
$5,000 on 1st Level  x 05 = $250
$5,000 on 2nd Level x 05 = $250;
 $5.000 on 3rd Level x 05 = $250;
*Total Over-Rides Paid $750 on 3 Levels deep. 
What if you had (10) 1st Level Brokers doing the same. You do the Math?                                                                                 

4.  PERFORMANCE BONUS  Top 3 Business Brokers with the highest Group Retail Sales Volume will be
     selected to receive a Performance Bonus
.  Great way to earn BIG BUCKS$$$.
     Note, Only your retail volume and that of your Wholesaler's retail volume is considered for
    Performance Bonus. No Brokers in your Sales Team are considered.


*Stay Active 

You must be active to receive commissions. Business Brokers are required to do a minimum of $99 in retail sales volume each month to receive commissions. This required volume can be achieved with your personal purchases and that of all wholesalers' purchases in your Sales Team. 

Business Brokers in your sales team organization does not count for your $99 required monthly retail sales volume; only that of your Wholesalers' sales volume counts for your monthly sales requirements.  Also, you must do 10 retail sales per month to receive commissions.



Just Imagine



Your Dream Home

How does a Bungalow on a lush tropical island sound? Maybe you'd rather own a Chalet in the Swiss Alps or a Condo on the French Riviera. Have a Home in your favorite place
on earth and decorate it to your heart's content!!! 





Travel the Country

What a car - Imagine cruising down the highway in one of the most
luxurious cars in the world. Yes, it could all be yours!








You Deserve It 

Take to the high seas for a cruise around the world and fulfill all
your vacation fantasies! Experience the rugged Australian Outback...
Explore the Amazon Rain Forest... take an adventure on an African Safari,
scuba dive in cliff dive in Cozumel.









Things to keep in mind

1. Impact - Understand the value of the material presented. It will have a dramatic and forceful effect on you successfully building a large retail client base.
2. Repetition - Repeat all scripts word for word so that they flow smoothly like water flowing from a faucet.
3. Utilize - Use all of the information on the products for maximum results. The extent of your success will relate directly to your ability to implement some detail of the product.
4. Internalize - Make the scripted words into the framework of your personality; i.e.. adopt the words as if they were your own.
5. Practice - Perfect practice is essential to all professionals. By making a minimum of 5 new sales calls each day and following all details of this manual exactly as they are presented, you will gain the skills and experience necessary to succeed.



 The average income from a Business Builder marketing plan is less than $200 annually. No implied or guarantee of income from this Retail Business Model.
Nu-Life Express© CAUTION: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For all health concerns, be sure to contact your health care practitioner. These testimonials do not imply that similar results may happen with your use of our product. Not recommended for the use of individuals under the age of 18. Keep out of the reach of children. Pregnant or nursing mothers should always consult with their health care practitioner before using any nutritional products. Caffeine provides a stimulant to boost energy and a feeling of awareness. Persons sensitive to caffeine should limit caffeine products. Success and income are dependent on the efforts of each individual. The average income from a Business Builder marketing plan is less than $200 annually. No implied or guarantee of income from this Retail Business Model.