Broker Advantages


The Only Decision You Have To Make Is: 

  1. Do I want to be a Wholesaler to enjoy a 20% discount, or do I want a 40% discount?
  2. If the answer is Yes, then join as a Wholesaler. Do $500 in a calendar month, you will advance to Business Broker on
    the 1st of the following month.
  3. Now you receive a 40% discount on all your purchases.
  4. Additionally, as a Broker, you can earn sales team commissions.  See Below.  


                                                 You Save 40% Example:  Glo at Once $99 less 40% = $59.60

                                                4 Ways to Earn Income     

1.  RETAIL PROFITS Buy wholesale and sell retail 

      Example of Retail Profit -  TAN-N-30
      Retail Cost -             $89
      Broker cost  -          $53.40 (40% discount)
      Retail Profit -            $35.60 profit
      What if you had 10 Retail Sales?  Do the Math.


2.   WHOLESALE COMMISSIONS - Earn 20% wholesale commissions on all Wholesalers' purchases in
       your Sales Team organization. 

      Example:  A Wholesaler retails $500 in sales volume in one calendar month, you earn 20%.
      $500 x ..20 = $100.
.     What if you had 10 Wholesalers in your Sales Team doing the same.  You
 do the Math?




3.  ROYALTY OVER-RIDES ON 3 LEVELS - As a Wholesaler in your 
     Sales Team (as indicated above) does $500 in retail sales volume
     in one calendar month, they will advance to Business Broker on the
     following month.
You Earn:  All retail volume produced by your newly advanced Brokers,
     you earn Royalty Over-Rides; you are paid 5% on 3 levels deep
     (1st, 2nd and 3rd) as shown below:  

Example Royalty Over-Rides:  Broker's retail sales volume of $5000 on
3 Levels deep). royalty over-rides are calculated  retail sales volume: 
$5,000 on 1st Level  x 05 = $250
$5,000 on 2nd Level x 05 = $250;
 $5.000 on 3rd Level x 05 = $250;
*Total Over-Rides Paid $750 on 3 Levels deep. 
What if you had (10) 1st Level Brokers doing the same. You do the Math?                                                                                 

4.  PERFORMANCE BONUS  Top 3 Brokers with the highest Group Retail Sales Volume will be
     selected to receive a Performance Bonus
.  Great way to earn BIG BUCKS$$$.
     Note, Only your retail volume and that of your Wholesaler's retail volume is considered for
     Performance Bonus. No Brokers in your Sales Team are considered.


 The average income from a Business Builder marketing plan is less than $200 annually. No implied or guarantee of income from this Retail Business Model.
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