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Skin Care Products 

Our Skin Care Products are awesome! You will be amazed!
To complete your health journey, skin care is of utmost importance. 

Glo at  Once Facial Serum, TANN30 and NuProCel are a must for your skin care health!

ProHealth Products ... Life Style Change 

“I am Patty Kane, FNP - BC., a family nurse practitioner, and I have been recommending our products that are designed to enhance your natural defense mechanisms to support your health and wellness while reaching your desired health goals. 

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Glo at Once Botox Alternative Facial Serum
GLO at ONCE BOTOX  ALTERNATIVE  FACIAL  SERUM   What Movie Stars Do!  Ever wonder how the celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, or Meryl Streep keep their young look appearance? Most use an expensive and exclusive product that is not usually available to the public.  Now Glo at Once is available!   No Shots! Now you can achieve a youthful look of yesterday without Botox Injections. Glo at Once Ampoules is an alternative to Botox and to other skincare products available today.  *Botox® is a registered   a trademark of  Allergan, Inc.    Why Spend the Money Why go to doctor for Botox injections? Now there is a solution to regenerate a youthful look of yesterday. Glo at Once is effective and afford..

TAN-N-30 Anti-Aging Serum - Bottle 1.7 oz. (Airless Pump Bottle)
                               ✕   Home TAN-N-30 About Us CONTACT US Scientifically Formulated for all Skin Tones  TAN-N-30  gives you a natural tan that people  will compliment how much 'younger' you look!     Look Like the Movie Stars   TAN-N-30 seconds is what the Stars  do to look their best! Have a wedding coming up! Forget Tanning Salons and Spray Tan Booths.   Now TAN-N-30, is a revolutionary product that gives you a healthy tan in 30 seconds without the sticky tanning solution of the tanning salons.    Healthy Tan   Your Healthy-Looking Tan is achieved without the harmful  UV rays of..

NuProCel Anti-Aging Serum - Bottle  1.7 oz. (Airless Pump Bottle)
Facts  Apply after shaving Face or Legs. It smooths your skin all Day! Also, Sun exposure and aging take their toll on all of us.  Our skin over the years has deteriorated severely due to constant stress, sun damage and oxidative stress. The net results … it has taken away our youthful look. Now there is a solution to regenerate a youthful look of yesterday. A new alternative to other skincare products available today. Discover how you can look years younger with a more beautiful radiant look.   Look 10 Years Younger? If you could make your face look 10 years younger without the pain and expense of seeing a doctor, wouldn't’t you jump at the chance? Of course you would... No Injections … No Pain … Affordable to treat the entire face, neck and hands. Convenient to use … Reported efficacious results with conti..

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