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By using the most advanced naturopathic formula, Smarte PatchTM Pain Relief, you can help relieve your everyday aches and pains, helping you do the things you enjoy.

The secret to Smarte PatchTM Pain Relief formula is the proprietary blend of naturopathic ingredients combined with the healing efficacies of Curcumin, which has been researched at a renowned Cancer Treatment Hospital to help fight cancer.

Working Together

 These all-natural ingredients work synergistically to help relieve pain which can help strengthen muscles and joints. *SMARTE PATCHTM PAIN RELIEF can help with:

    *Results may vary

Smarte PatchTM ,  Known as "Patch it & Go”,  may help relieve pain in 30 minutes.  Its active Ingredients penetrate the skin within 30 minutes, immediately soothing sore muscles and stiff joints.

Pain is relieved in a matter of minutes! That's why people around the country refer to Smarte PatchTM Pain Relief as their "wonder patch".


The key to healthy joints throughout life is maintaining healthy vibrant cartilage and unrestricted movement without pain. Unfortunately, as we age, or as a result of injury or poor diet, our ability to renew cartilage and repair muscles can be impaired. For this reason, caring for and maintaining healthy muscles and joints can produce great benefits for better flexibility and freedom from pain. By using Smarte Patch Pain Relief on a daily basis, you can strengthen the body's natural repair mechanisms.

The research team also encourages a healthy life style of eating the right foods, drinking clean water and regular exercise to compliment a healthy lifestyle.



Curcumin is a powerful anti-oxidant and an anti-toxin, which supports the immune system to fight inflammation. Curcumin from Turmeric root (95% Curcuminoids), which is the yellow spice that is found in mustard and is used to flavor curry dishes.

Curcumin is a well-studied, scientifically-tested compound that acts as an antioxidant and an inflammation-supporting agent; it also promotes cognitive health and longevity*. Curcumin’s benefits are wide-ranging and impact several areas of your overall health.


Gingerol is the active constituent of fresh ginger. Gingerol is a relative of capsaicin which helps relieve pain.


Among ginger constituents,  Shogaol has a very strong antitussive (anti-cough) effect.

Ursolic Acid

Ursolic acid is a kind of natural triterpenoids,which has the activity of sedating, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and enhancing the immune systiem. Ursolic acid function is a powerfulf antioxidant.

Rosmarinic acid

Rosmarinic Acid is considered to be a natural, non-toxic and none-side-effects, water-soluble antioxidant and a green food additive. Research shows that, rosemary acid has a strong effect to remove Free Radicals .Free Radiacals cause inflamation throught out the body.   Its antioxidant activity is stronger than vitamins E.

Baicalin Acetyl-11-keto--Boswellic Acid

Boswellia extract can promote blood circulation to stop pain, relax muscles and tendons to detumescence. Acetyl-boswellic acids also exhibit anti-inflamamatory behavior by inhibiting leukotriene synthesis.




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